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Manufacturer Panasonic
Model Number THP42X10A
Product Panasonic THP42X10A 42inch Plasma Television
Rating 4.0 out of 5
Street Price None Reported
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Reviewer: Brett
Rating: 4/5
The Good: I bought this TV when it was $1499 reduced from $1799 during approx July or August 2009 from WOW. I found it to be the best TV at the time under $1500. It has a very good picture and sound quality from the standard speakers. The TV frame looks nice (much nicer than the LG's) and is extremely user friendly. The only TV that rivalled it with picture quality was the 40inch Toshiba LCD Full HD. But the down side for the Toshiba was its function menu and usability which was actually pretty substandard. Panasonics are refined in every way, and above all, they're reliable. I've comapred the picture quality to my friend's TV's (LG 42in Plasma, Samsung 40in Plasma, Sharp 46in Plasma), and my TV does have a noticeably better picture quality.
The Bad: I fell asleep in front of the TV one night and never activated the timed standby feature to turn the TV off after x amount of time, and I left a blu-ray movie title screen on for 3 hours. It was Bolt, which has bright white colours on the title screen which wouldn't have helped. I now believe it's caused a very slight, but permanent shadow effect around objects. Like I said it's only slight, but it's there. It may only be in my head but I'm positive it wasn't there before and I totally freaked when I realised I left the TV on a still screen for 3 hours.
Overall: A great TV that produces a sharp picture with strong colours, looks great and is reliable, but as with all plasmas, don't leave a still screen on for too long like I did otherwise it may haunt you for a while until you get over it. They're not good TV's for gamers either (can cause burn in with icons in the corner of the screen, or so I've read extensively). But as for movies, sport and general TV programming goes, I recommend this TV 110%. You won't be dissatisfied! Blu-ray movies come up superbly on it too (must use HDMI cable for optimum quality). the Blu-ray player I have is the Panasonic BDP-60 - very nice unit.

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Rating 0 - Bad product. Do not buy this product, its flawed!
1 - Below average product. Think twice before purchasing.
2 - Average product. Will do the job.
3 - Good product. Good buy.
4 - Great product. Recommened, should buy.
5 - Fantastic product. Go buy it now!
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